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Chimney water leak repairs

Expert Service

Strong brick repair is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to the chimney water leak repairs. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way. Strong brick repairs offers a free detail estimate on chimney water leak repairs. We will  inspect your flashing, bricks and mortar, and chimney caps. We will be able to identified the main cause of the chimney  leak with a full chimney leak water test and our experts will be able to fix the issue. Most chimney water leak repairs are completed in one day. If brick and mortar repairs are needed we will able to match colors and texture. We also offer customize chimney water chasers and chimney caps made of stainless steel for durability that will prevent the chimney water leak in the future. We are 100% sure that we will take care of  the chimney water leak that customers don't have to paid a nickel until they are satisfied and can prove that the  chimney water leak has been corrected. With over 10 years on the chimney  leak repairs we got you cover!

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What exactly its a water leak and why to be worry about it?

Did you noticed brown stains on your ceiling?

If you have dark stains on your walls or ceilings most likely there is a water leak, a water leak can be easily repair in a few minutes but to find where the water leak its coming from is not that simple. Common water leak causes: bad water line pipes, flashing on air ducts and chimney base, bad chimney-cracks, cap or grout, bad roofing. etc. How to locate a water leak? If you have access to the attic, look for any dark or brown stains on the framing and beams, if there is no access to the attic the next stop will be to go up on the roof and do a detail inspection of all ventilation ducts, roofing and chimney.  Bonus Tip; if its to difficult to find the water leak, get someone to help you on the roof and with a water house start doing a water test, start spraying water just above the stain mark and keep going upwards until you can tell where the leak its coming from. These process might take approximately an hour to  an hour and a half but is very effective. Strong Brick specialize on repairing water leaks, if you would like to save the work and have the warranty of a well done job, give us a call and we will be there to assist you.

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Chimney repairs

Take a look at some of the common chimney problems and how to get it fix.

Bad crown

Concrete crown or Chimney chaser?

The crown is the area on top of the chimney between the flue pipe and the bricks, this area can be cover by a customize water pan chaser or concrete crown. With a water pan chaser, it needs to be exact and properly seal around the chimney cap and around the bricks on all 4 sides. With a concrete crown, you will take couple of rows of bricks on the top ,then install a plywood or or a hardy backer to use as a base to hold the concrete. Both concrete and chimney chaser does a great job protecting your chimney for water leaks.


Bad flashing

Chimney flashing Repair

A bad seal flashing its one of the most common issue on leaky chimneys, water leaks on the flashing will cause brown stains on your ceilings and walls, as soon as you notice it, it will be good to try to solve the problem as soon as possible because this water leak will worsen and damage your framing and beams on the home structures.


Missing mortar

Chimney tuckpointing mortar

Missing mortar or loose mortar will cause water to penetrate the bricks and will cause water to leak on the inside of the bricks between the bricks and the flue pipe, this water leak can run on all directions but specially on the area around the firebox and on the base of the chimney, this repair its simple depending on the size of the chimney, the tuckpointing mortar its made by  a mixture of ingredients; dry sand, concrete adhesive, mortar, caulking and masonry color to match current mortar color. The application won't take long but to get the accurate mix and color might take some time. .

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Other chimney problems



Bad chimney cap

Bad grill

Bad grills opens the door to insects and other animals.

Bad mortar

Bad previous mortar repairs

Bad repairs, when using the wrong material, it might stop the water leak momentary but eventually the water leak will end up coming back, removing the wrong material- like silicon- takes longer and cost more than using the right material on the first place.


Bad pan chaser

custom pan chaser

Pan chasers are made of stainless steel and the size its customize for every chimney.

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Chimney parts

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